Following Budget Speech 2017/18, Government decided to set up a desk especially for Rodriguans living in Mauritius or Rodriguans who have just landed in Mauritius and would like to settle on the island for medium-term or long-term period.

The idea behind this desk is to provide information about the different services available to them at NEF and in other public institutions, to give guidance and support whenever needed, and also to make referrals.

In line with the above, the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) was solicited to accommodate the said desk and also to provide for manpower.

The launching of the Rodrigues Information and Support Desk (RISD) was held on 11 December 2017 by Hon. Alain Wong, Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, and Mr Serge Clair, Chief Commissioner for Rodrigues, in the presence of Senior Government Officers and members of the Mauritius-based association Solidarite Rodrigues.

The RISD is to respond to inquiries/requests from Rodriguans in Mauritius that relate to Pension, Employment, Education, Health and Housing, and other types of assistance;

The RISD is located in NEF premises on 5th Floor, Garden Tower, La Poudriere Street, Port-Louis.

In the same vein, NEF Rodrigues has set up an Information and Support Desk which was officially launched in April 2018.

The objective of this desk is to provide information to Rodriguans moving to Mauritius on the different Mauritius-based institutions that could provide them assistance in terms of Health, Housing, Education, Employment, Training, Social Aid, amongst other.